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Woocommerce Variations to Table Grid v1.3.4 – This WordPress – WooCommerce plugin will turn product’s page default variations select-option menus to user friendly table – grid display. It features a self-explanatory with plenty of options admin settings panel, great documentation and support and per product options.

User friendly and self-explanatory administration panel.
Displays all the needed data for your variable products with options to disable them.
Supports “any” when you set your product variations
Supports “custom attributes” that you may add to the products on the fly
“Add Selected to Cart” with select all checkbox for mass adding variations to cart
Option to disable or enable the table/grid per product.
In Stock, Out of Stock and Low Stock (with threshold) custom messages
Easy to use shortcode with full documentation to help you put the table where ever you need and shortcodes are executed.
Easy to use global shortcode that will display all variations of all variable products on any page.
Extensible / developer friendly. You can alter the plugin without hacking it, but via WordPress filters and actions.
Make variations stand out with your custom sticker/icon. You can enable/disable or override it per variation.
Supports YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
Supports YITH WooCommerce Quick View
Supports WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap
AJAX can be enabled from settings
Sorting of table columns in the frontend
Option to enable Responsive layout via the Footable jQuery plugin
Default table header (auto generated), generic custom table header and per product custom table header can be set
Easily translatable via .po / .mo files.
Available translations: English, Greek, Français, Italiano.

Woocommerce Variations to Table Grid v1.3.4 Changelog

v1.3.4 10/31/2016
Feature: Added some more CSS classes for popular themes
Feature: Per role plugin activation
Feature: If custom variation description does not exist, it will look for the default woocommerce variable description
Fix: Check with “is_purchasable” for availability
Fix: Force prettyPhoto to always load
Fix: Add to cart button should work withouth the global checkbox being checked

Demo WooCommerce Variations to Table – Grid

Download WooCommerce Variations to Table – Grid v1.3.4

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