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Interlinks Manager WordPress Plugin v1.26 Interlinks Manager WordPress Plugin Free Download 1.26 – CodeCanyon | Interlinks Manager WordPress Plugin v1.26 is one of the most effective SEO strategies is to construct a smart and efficient structure of internal links, with an optimized number of internal links for each article, which are applicable to the search engines at the same time and normal for the readers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored Ads The Interlinks Manager 1.26 Nulled Plugin for Interlinks Manager gives you a set of tools that allow you to build this framework so that you can increase traffic to your website, sell more goods or convert more users. This Interlinks Manager WordPress Plugin will retrieve information such as the number of manual internal links, the number of automated internal links, the number of visits created by your internal links, the optimization status and more within the Dashboard menu, with regular expressions added to your posts, and by monitoring user clicks. It will be simple for you to add or delete internal links as necessary, with this information at your disposal, and always maintain an optimized number of internal links in each message. Analyze the interlinks In the dashboard menu, this plugin will retrieve information like the number of internal manual links, the number of internal auto-links, the number of visits created with your internal links and the status of optimization, and more by monitoring the clicks of your users. You can easily add or delete internal links with this information when necessary and will maintain a high number of internal links in each message. Calculate the link juice The Safety Menu provides the flow of the link juice on the URLs of your web sites, and a complete list of all links contributing to the generation of the link juice is provided for each URL. Get interlinks suggestions A tool that can help you locate items linked to the post being edited is the Interlinks Suggestions meta box. You will save the time spent on the standard search for new internal links by using this algorithm. The algorithm examines many variables and is capable of prioritizing such posts if its titles include a word which is included in the post edited, or which gives priority to including or excluding posts that belong to certain classes, tags or custom post forms. With the plug-in option you can modify the exact actions of the algorithm used to get ideas, thereby improving its accuracy and perfecting it for your particular situation. Create auto interlinks You can convert particular keywords or sentences to internal links using the AIL menu. In the following circumstances this function can be particularly useful.

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