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Woocommerce Force Sells v1.1.9 – Force products to be added to the cart

Force related products to be added to the cart

The Force Sells extension allows you to link products together, so they will be added to the cart together. This can be useful for linking a service or required product to another product.

For example, if you are selling iPad glass repair as a service, you can link a new glass window as a forced sell product.

There are two types of force sells:

Normal force sell products will be added to the cart along with the main product, in the same quantity as selected for the main product. Added force sell products can be removed and the quantity of it can be changed in the cart by the customer.
Synced force sell products work in the very same way as normal force sells. The only difference is that customers can’t remove a synced force sell from the cart or change the quantity. In case the main product is removed, the synced force sell products will be removed too. Same goes for quantity. If the quantity of the main product is changed, the quantity for all synced force sell products will change too.

Woocommerce Force Sells v1.1.9 Changelog

2015.01.13 – version 1.1.9
* Hook the remove and restore actions later so plugins like Bookings can clean up their data first, before a force sell is removed.

Demo Woocommerce Force Sells

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