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Gravityforms Survey v3.0 – Gravityforms Addon – The Survey Add-On allows you to easily interact with your users to both collect and analyze data on your target audience. Market research, customer satisfaction, employee surveys, job satisfaction surveys, anything is possible!

Seamless Integration
Quickly integrate a survey on ANY Gravity Forms powered form.

Easy To Use
Implementing a survey is as simple as adding Survey Fields to your form and configuring the available Survey Field settings to your liking.

Survey Results
View aggregate survey results and filter the data to suit your needs.

User Interaction
Engage and interact with your site visitors.

Gravity Forms Powered
Limiting after a certain date or number of surveys… it’s no different than creating any form in Gravity Forms!

System Requirements
The Gravity Forms Survey Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.7+ and WordPress v3.5+.

Gravityforms Survey v3.0 – Gravityforms Addon Changelog

Version 3.0
– Added support for Gravity Forms v2.0
– Added GF_Field_Rating.
– Added GF_Field_Rank.
– Added GF_Field_Survey.
– Added GF_Field_Likert.
– Added DocBlocks.
– Added support for using the Rating type field with conditional logic.
– Added support for exporting the choice text when using the 2015 batch & future feed add-ons. Requires Gravity Forms
– Added label and description placement setting to the Survey field.
– Updated minimum Gravity Forms version to 1.9.17.
– Updated to use object notation when accessing the field object.
– Updated the styles to adapt better to different screen sizes.
– Updated the score merge tag to support returning the Likert row score e.g. {score:id=1.5} would return the score for field 1 row 5.
– Updated Likert field preview in form editor to display only the first five rows.
– Increased width of input boxes for weighted score values
– Fixed an issue with the tooltip in the rank field where text can get cut off if certain special characters are included in the choice label.
– Fixed an issue with the merge tag values in the query string of a redirect confirmation.
– Fixed an issue with empty Likert fields being displayed on the entry detail page when ‘show empty fields’ is not selected.
– Fixed a typo in the Rank type fourth choice string.
– Fixed an issue with the Likert field in entry exports when the field rows are changed after entries are saved.
– Fixed an issue with some untranslatable strings.
– Fixed an issue with the display of Likert field values for some entries on the entry list when the field rows are changed after entries are saved.
– Fixed an issue with the Likert field label for attribute.

Demo Gravityforms Survey

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